Bite Marks /2017

series of urban interventions, photographic documentation

In Anticipation of the Elections /2017

intervention into governmental building, interactive installation

In the ‘Bite Marks’ project, I'm researching traces left by neo-Nazi graffiti on the streets of Vienna and the vernacular ways in which the city fights back against the hate symbols. To photograph these traces I attached an ABFO No. 2 photomacrographic scale, which is commonly used in forensics to photograph the bite marks, near each site, thus simultaneously documenting the ‘scar’ on the urban flesh and leaving my artistic commentary at this site.

The project exhibition consists of two parts: the first is an urban intervention accompanying the photo documentation of the research items, the second is an intervention into a governmental institution which uses the aforementioned documentation as a response to the alarming increase of presence of far right ideas in contemporary political discourse.

During the exhibition at BKA-Veranstaltungsraum (belonging to the Federal Chancellery of Austria) visitors were offered to paint over the parts of the images they considered offensive or inappropriate. The resulting images are shown below.

Please note, this artwork doesn’t approve or propagate any aspect of the nationalist ideologies.

The project was made during the Kulturkontakt Austria Artists in Residence programme.

Bite Marks Bite Marks Bite Marks Bite Marks Bite Marks Bite Marks Bite Marks