Penetration /2018

acrylic on canvas, self-adhesive vinyl film

A text-based installation that explores the relationship between language (and language-based identity) and carnal sensations as seen through the prism of the commercial porn movie industry.

The text used for the installation is actually a transcript of one of the actors' part in a studio-made gay porn video which title (something like “British stud” or “British stallion”) explicitly states the nationality of the actors – and lies, of course. The transcript mostly contains the usual limited set of exclamations in the ‘expected’ language (i.e., English) but there are also short episodes of strong sudden pain when the bottom actor forgets about his role and his assumed identity and starts screaming in his native language.

These texts when stripped of any related visual imagery still can be understood as a description of sexual activity and thus retain the ability to produce sexual arousal but now they require a basic understanding of at least two languages to fully understand the emotions (both fake and real) of the parties involved and to reconstruct the original acts.